Hunger Is Not a Disease

For the Brave and Diligent Shopper

Lord, this prayer is for the brave and diligent shopper.  She walks in.  And she never misses a week.

Lord, she is ferociously focused on getting to the pantry.

Looking neither left or right, dismissing the rain, or the cold, or the boiling heat, she makes her way each week through the crowded parking lot.

I pray for her grace, energy, and willpower.  I pray that someone or maybe several someones can witness and celebrate her discipline and focus.

And, I pray that others will notice her voyage each and every week. I don’t want to be the only one who sees her gracefully make her way through the crowded shoppers waiting outside the pantry for it to open.

Lord,  I know you sent her to lift our hearts:  patient, lovely, graceful.  She is our inspiration.

I think of her on shopping days when I drive to Albany for extra food.  She keeps my own work ethic steady.

And, she lifts my heart.

So, thank you again for sending her.


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