Hunger Is Not a Disease

One Unspoken Question Hanging in the Air Every Food Pantry Day

People entering a food pantry bring everything with them:  their hearts, minds, soul, feelings.

And, finally, forgiveness.

A food pantry is a good place to work on the future.

A trip to a food pantry is a meditation.  This is the time and place to let go of  limiting  habits and lifestyle activities.  This is where you experience a new life.

The food pantry offers spiritual insights – insights on friendship, love, work, hope, and despair.  A trip to the food pantry can be a prayer.

When you open up to this transformative experience, you have an opportunity to  ditch grudges, resentment, and painful memories.

Then, of course, there’s the opportunity to experience new life.

Leaving the past behind is hard.  And getting to the place of “letting go” can be challenging.  But, that’s what food pantries do.  They get you there.

Remove everything and escape from everything preventing an embrace of the future which waits for you.  This is a new life to grow into.

Ask this:  What is calling to be left behind?

Grudges, resentments, painful memories.

Gather the strength to grow into whatever opportunities the future has waiting.


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