Hunger Is Not a Disease

Author’s Note

Whenever possible/practical I reviewed the conversations with people who could help reconstruct events, chronology, and dialogue.  Based on these reviews, some of the incidents as well as certain events were compressed, consolidated or reordered to accommodate memories of everyone consulted.  All dialogue is as accurate as possible to actual conversations that took place, to the best of my memory.  The names of some of the characters (mainly the shoppers) were changed.  The names of some of the characters were omitted.

This memoir was edited and rearranged over many drafts in an effort to be as accurate as possible.  If you read a sentence, page, paragraph or even an entire blog post that you feel is outrageous or untrue, it is nonetheless very real.  Everything written in this book/blog actually happened.  It’s my story.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

Peace and food for all
Thurman Greco