Hunger Is Not a Disease


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This book is simply the story of how I discovered hunger in a church basement.
It’s a tribute to those in our country who don’t have enough to eat, and to those in our country who help the hungry get the food they need to survive. These stories took place in a food pantry in the most famous little town in America. But, don’t be deceived. They are much bigger than the Good Neighbor Food Pantry, and they certainly are bigger than Woodstock, New York.

The real creators of this book are the individuals and families who shopped at the food pantry week after week after week. “The Unworthy Hungry” tells the story of everyone brought together by the pantry: alcoholics, artists, child abusers, children, crazies, the disabled, druggies, drunks, elderly men and women, hardworking people juggling two and three jobs, homeless, mentally ill, messed-up people, ministers, musicians, normal people, people battling terminal illnesses, politicians, schizophrenics, thieves, veterans, volunteers, Woodstock’s colorful characters, writers.

When you read this book, you’ll become intimately involved with the rules surrounding the feeding of the hungry, the economy of hunger, the biases of people about pantries, and the taboos of money.

You’ll get up close and personal with the politics of hunger. This book tells a story you’ve never had the opportunity to read before.