Hunger Is Not a Disease

Peanut Butter in the New Year!

It’s hard, sometimes, for a person to figure out what to donate to a pantry.  The supermarket has so many different items on the shelves.  What is the best thing to give?

For me, the best food to give to a food pantry is peanut butter.  Peanut butter is universally  appreciated in a food pantry.

It needs no refrigeration.

It has a long shelf life.

It has no waste.

It is nutritious.

It does not require sophisticated preparation.

No special tools are needed to serve it.

It can be eaten alone or with other foods.

Peanut butter is appropriate with many categories of people:  children, adults, seniors, homeless, toothless.

A jar of peanut butter is reasonably priced but it is still a bit expensive for many people.

Peanut is perfect for my needs!

Will you join me?  Will you pledge to donate peanut butter to a food pantry.

I’m committing to a jar a week.  But, your commitment doesn’t have to be that much.  A jar a month will make a significant donation to a food pantry.

Or, even just a jar.  Whatever you can give will be enough.

If peanut butter does not resonate with you and your situation, kind thoughts, support, and prayers are always appreciated.  Pantries cannot succeed without the backing of the communities where they exist.  Your help is necessary to fight hunger.

Thank you for your generosity!

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Thurman Greco