Hunger Is Not a Disease

Voices not Heard in the Hallway



We’re having a white Christmas in Woodstock.  The tree is up on the village green!

Voices can be heard in the hallway, just like all year long.


One thing no one ever discusses in the hallway of the pantry is the past.  The shoppers speak about things that happened in the past week or so but never much beyond.  Whatever took place before the food pantry came into their lives  just isn’t on the agenda.

As holidays approach, no one ever mentions the Thanksgivings, Christmases, Hanukkahs, Passovers, Easters they had before their lives spun out of control.  No one ever mentions that there wasn’t enough money to get Passover food which isn’t available in our pantry.

No one ever asks a child what Santa is going to bring.


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Thurman Greco