Hunger Is Not a Disease

5 Important Things You Need to Know About SNAP


“Hunger and income inequality is probably the single biggest issue facing this country.” – Susan Zimet

When you use SNAP, you don’t  just get  much needed food for your household.  When you use SNAP, you  create a ripple effect of money  for your community.  You can use your SNAP card with pride knowing how your purchases will benefit your area.

Here’s how it works:  SNAP is federal money.  When you use your SNAP card at a local supermarket, you bring  it  into your community.    The grocer uses the  money to benefit the local grocery store.  This purchase strengthens local businesses.

Are you in a household with senior/disabled members? If so, you may still qualify for SNAP even if you have a higher income.  SNAP works for individuals, couples, and families.

Are you paying mandated child support?  If so, this money  you use to pay child support is not counted toward your income.

You can work and still qualify for SNAP, stretching  your food budget every month.  When you use SNAP, you  more easily afford the nutritious foods you and your family need.

You can shop at a food pantry and still qualify for SNAP.

SNAP can be an important addition to you and your household budget.  Apply for this benefit today to help yourself, your household, and your community.  How cool is that?

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Thurman Greco