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Breakfast in the Classroom? 8 Reasons why it’s Important


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1.  Children learn better.   Studies show  children who  eat breakfast in the classroom  score better at math, reading tests.  Breakfast helps  students pay attention to the teacher.  Their memory is improved.   Children behave better if they are not hungry.

2.  Breakfast in the classroom helps fight childhood obesity.  School meals follow nutritional guidelines.  Breakfast is  more nutritious than it might otherwise be.   

3.  Not all children eat before coming to school.   They may not have an appetite when they first wake up.  There may not be nutritious food in the home.  They may be too busy to eat.  That means they lack the energy and nutrients they need to perform at their best throughout the day.

4.  Breakfast in the classroom results in better attendance.  Children living in households where breakfast is not available are tardy less often and spend less time in the nurse’s office when they receive breakfast in the classroom.

5.  A consistently served nutritional breakfast  in the classroom develops healthy eating habits throughout life.   Children who eat breakfast in the classroom have a better nutritional intake than those who don’t.  These are habits which can be carried into adulthood.

6.  When breakfast is served in the classroom, every student participates.  There are no obstacles such as bus schedules, cafeteria location, social stigma.  This fosters a sense of community, something  badly needed for children growing up in food insecure households.

7.  Breakfast in the classroom is not a lot of work.   A well planned breakfast program  only takes about 15 minutes and can be part of routine activities.  The whole project can be a collaborative effort operated by the food service staff, the     and the teacher.  This will build a sense of community.

8.  Breakfast in the classroom decreases the risk of food insecurity.  Breakfast in the classroom is important for the student who doesn’t have enough food to eat in the home.

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