Hunger Is Not a Disease

Resolutions for 2015


The ad in the New York Times read:

Lighten up.

Get to know your neighbors.

Pick your battles.

Although that ad was actually written for the Museum of Modern Art, it could have been written just for us.

Resolutions at the Reservoir Food Pantry  scream at us as our shoppers clearly point the way ahead in 2015.  We’ve narrowed the choice down to just a few so we can successfully carry them out.

Resolution No. 1 – Lighten up.

And, lighten up we will.  We’ve actually begun to do just that.  At the end of every pantry day, we have only a few fresh food items left.  Last Monday’s pantry ended with  6 squashes and a small bag of spinach.  We can’t get much lighter than that.

In 2015, we’ll continue  going to Latham weekly and returning with food to distribute on that day to the many who come and those we deliver food to.  No longer will we be bringing 5 or 6 of something to the pantry.  We’re going to be looking for items that have 80+ available.  If we can’t find 80+ of something, it won’t come in the van.

Reservoir Food Pantry food is both a supplement to what people can find in other places and a necessity for those whose income doesn’t last the entire month.  We’re not a pantry anymore.  We’re a food distribution center.

Resolution No. 2 – Get to know our neighbors.

Although we’ve only been open since 2013 and we’ve had very little “press”, word is spreading rapidly.  A pantry is a community within a community.  It’s important now for Reservoir Food Pantry to open its doors so everyone in the area knows about us, understands us, knows our mission.

Resolution No. 3 – Pick your battles.

Fighting hunger is not for sissies.  The effort required to take on this fight is larger than life almost.  The rewards are also larger than life.  We need volunteers to help distribute food.  Not only do we have more people shopping at our pantry, we also have more home bound people requesting services.

We need people to:

help deliver  food to the homebound.

work in the pantry itself on Monday afternoons.

dispose of the mountains of cardboard we generate every Monday afternoon.

bring the monthly shipment over from Kingston.

If you’re interested in working in the pantry, please join us on Mondays at noon at the pantry.  Or, call me at 845-399-3967.  Those who help in the pantry understand the importance of the work and get much pleasure from it.  They realize what they are doing is necessary and they get very attached to the job.

The economy has changed dramatically since 2005.  Both Irene and Sandy contributed much to local changes.  Food stamp cuts have all but removed any safety net a person may have had.

Reservoir Food Pantry offers a client food distribution system where the hungry shop weekly with dignity for  fresh produce, baked breads, and canned and packaged goods.  People come to the pantry for healthy foods to  sustain themselves and their households.  We deliver food to those who cannot come to the pantry.

When we feed people, we strengthen the entire community as we assist those who are most vulnerable.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco

Thurman Greco


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