Hunger Is Not a Disease

Eat – Share – Give – at the Reservoir Pantry in Boiceville, New York

When we opened the Reservoir Food Pantry in September 2013, we served about 50 households  the first month. That, in itself was a large number.  This  June, 2014, we served 450 households consisting of 429 adults, 329 seniors, and 207 children.


Our food pantry is supported by an all volunteer group of people from the community at large. We’ve received much help from local businesses: Boiceville IGA, Boiceville Inn, Bread Alone, Roberts Auction, Wastewater Treatment Plant.
We’ve received help from local friends and neighbors who  help our mission.  We’re proud of the way our pantry volunteers have responded in these hard times.

WE ARE ALL ONE TRAGEDY AWAY FROM LIFE ALTERING CIRCUMSTANCES.  Sometimes it’s a health issue, an accident, the loss of a family member or a hurricane.

The gift you give makes a significant impact, helping us provide much needed food to give to people in our area.  You help us transport this food from the food bank to our pantry weekly…a vital part of our pantry operations.


BY CHECK:  The Reservoir Food Pantry, P.O.Box 245, Boiceville, NY 12412

BY INTERNET:  Go to  This link will take you right to the place on our website where the donate button is.

BY PHONE:  The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley accepts donations by phone.  Just call 845-534-5344.  Our pantry number is 2539f.  When you call this number and donate, you are giving to the Food Bank Adopt-a-Pantry program which is, by far, the most value you can receive for your generosity.  The Adopt-a-Pantry program gets you $10 dollars in food for every $1 dollar you give.  This is the most direct  way to be sure that your hungry friends, neighbors, and relatives will receive the most food possible.  Please tell Donna that you want to adopt the Reservoir Food Pantry and that our number is 2539f.

BY WILL:  That is one way you can be sure that the Reservoir Food Pantry will be around for future generations.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco-

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