Hunger Is Not a Disease

No Money, No Time In The Food Pantry

Three categories of poor  are similar in some ways but very different in others.
However, they really are on the same path when it comes to time and money. These categories are the employed poor, the underemployed poor, and the unemployed poor.
The underemployed poor person has a specific mantra. “Work, work, work.. For all I work, I have absolutely no money and I have no time to eat if I had any money for food.” The woman who always says this when she can get to the pantry works at a  health food store, cleans apartments and homes, dog walks, and house sits.
I always hate to hear these words – the people who talk about having no time and no money have no waistlines either. So, when they talk about having no time and no money, they mean it. They mean they have no time to eat and no money to buy the food if they did have the time.
Before 2008, the “no time, no money employed poor, struggling poor” category really didn’t exist in the pantry world.
Now, I see more and more of them every week.
Thank God! At least they’re managing to get some food when they can make it to the pantry.
And me? Where do I fit in all this? Well, more struggling poor means more work for me.  More volunteers,  more trips to the Food Bank.
It’s called job security.
Peace and food for all.
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Peace and food for all.
Thurman Greco

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  1. 8/18/2014 | 7:08 am Permalink

    Thanks so much for reading the post! I am currently writing 2 blogs: Hunger is Not a Disease and Reflexology for the Spirit. I have not yet gotten into twitter although that will be happening soon. I have some YouTube pages as well but not many yet. I’m reading my reflexology book on YouTube.
    Thanks again for your encouragement!
    Peace and food for all

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