Hunger Is Not a Disease

The Talk and 7 Convincing Talking Points


Think back to the time when you were a child.  Life was less complicated  then, for most of us.    Occasionally your parents or grandparents had talks with you about life.  Your mother, father, grandmother, teacher  may have spoken to you about sex, money, God, doing right from wrong, not stealing.  These talks were important.

Well, now you are an adult with your own life.  Consciously or unconsciously,  these talks shaped you and influence you to this day.    The reality is that the person who took the time and effort to make you a successful adult may now be in need of a talk.  It is entirely possible that this older person is quietly doing without the food necessary to lead a healthy life.

Why is this happening?  Well, the answer may be easy.  There are simply more days in the month than  money.  Many seniors in our country have outlived their pensions, savings, ability to hold down a job.  The statistics tell us that one senior in seven  does not get enough to eat.  One way seniors can be helped is with SNAP.

1.  50+ seniors are eligible for SNAP.  If you are a senior, please apply for these benefits your taxes have paid for.  You worked all of your life, paid your taxes, contributed to the economy.  It is now time for you to benefit from all of the contributions you made throughout your life..

2.  SNAP helps you pay for the food you need to live  a healthy life.  When you eat healthier food, you can prevent and control some chronic health issues.  This will lower your medical  bills.

3.  With SNAP you’ll have more $$$ each month.

4.  SNAP is a debit card which offers you privacy.  If you don’t want anyone to know that you receive SNAP, they won’t.

5.  When you use SNAP, you are benefiting your community.  You are bringing $$$ into your local economy which helps farmers, grocers, and local businesses.

6.  When you receive SNAP, you are not taking $$$ away from someone else who might need it more.  There are enough SNAP benefits for everyone.

7.  Contact your local Department of Social Services Office to apply for SNAP.

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Thurman Greco